2012: The Lost Year

2012 was a strange year for me.  On the  employment front, I spent (way too much) time working on a start-up that never came to fruition.  I then took a job that didn’t produce the opportunities either I or the employer hoped would come to pass.  In all that time, I was holding off on blogging because I was saving “the good stuff” for my new opportunity.  Lesson learned.

But I’m back, with a vengeance.  The world has changed a lot in a year…but has also progressed not nearly enough, and in ways that I think are counter to where we’re going to end up a few years out.  I’m back to document and discuss my perspectives.  I’m also back with a new attitude and approach.  In the past, I wrote long blog posts.  OK, very long blog posts.  I think the world still needs long-form exploration of issues, and I’m not going to shun that approach, but I’m going to supplement it with regular (even frequent) top-of-mind pieces.  Some of these will be spurred by current events or just random interactions I’ve had in various media.  The net will be that I’m going to try to write often (3-5x/week).  I hope you welcome the increased interaction and I look forward to discussing the timely and important technology and business issues we’re facing

My theme will, as ever, remain “disruptive technologies.”  For five years now, I’ve defined this as the intersection of social, mobile and cloud.  More recently, I’ve added analytics/big data into the equation (even while I think this is a grossly misunderstood area; more on that soon).   I’ll be adding some new things in the mix for 2013.  You can get a hint at through my regular video series, Pardon My Disruption, produced with the Stamford Innovation Center. If you’re in Stamford at noon the second Friday of every month, come on by and join our recording.

Just a quick note about Pardon My Disruption.  If you’ve ever watched the ESPN show Pardon the Interruption, you’ll get the idea of where I’d like to take this concept.  For those of you not familiar with it, PTI is a daily sports news show hosted by Washington Post sports columnists Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser.  They’re, if this is not an oxymoron, two literate sportswriters and they banter about the day’s sports news.  They have adopted what I have embraced as the winning strategy for dialogue/debate shows: 1/3 legitimate debate, 1/3 mutual exploration of the issues and 1/3 scurrilous personal attacks.  I would love to evolve this into a full-time daily thing.  I just need two things: my Michael Wilbon and someone who will actually sponsor this and/or pay me to do this.  For now, I’ll just do this monthly with the Innovation Center.  Hopefully I can evolve it to something more structured and frequent and then, maybe, on to its full expression.

Nice to be back.


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  1. I have faith in your leap of faith

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